AHF in Concept

AHF in Concept is the first edition of an event, organized by A Happy Family. 6 illustrators were connected to 6 poets, who had to work together to create 1 illustration and 1 poet based on the theme: 'Laten we het de ochtend vragen' (Let us ask the morning). The artists: Vera Koot & Wendelien Stephanie / Marilou Klapwijk & Joerie Widdershoven / Jelle Kos & Dean Bowen / Kazuma Eekman & Noning Dichtman / Johnnie Weiliang Hoek & Shida Boukhizou / Sophia den Breems & Rinze Lich. The work is to be seen until the 22nd of november at Paardcafe, The Hague. This is the illustration I made, based on the poet made by Rinze Lich. More info about the event: ahappyfamily.nl